Read .MSG Email Files Without Outlook

Msg Reader Pro lets you search, print, convert, reply your Outlook email.

View .msg or .eml files

Msg Reader Pro is a Windows software tool for reading Outlook email formatted as .msg, .pst, or .eml files.format.

MSG Reader screen image

Msg Reader can render email that are formatted in text, html, or Rich Text format, and can even display OLE embedded elements.

Extract file attachments or images from your email messages.

Search your messages for text strings, and then copy those are of interest to a different folder.

Other features include:

  • Mass Export selected messages to image formats, including PDF, GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG, and also Txt or CSV, or run from the command line.
  • Apply "bates-stamp" style naming to the exported files
  • Msg Reader Pro also includes special features for system administrators, including: silent deployment with commandline options can deactivate select menu items or features. It is often used in shared environments, such as terminal services or Citrix.

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Msg Reader

View .msg or .eml files

Msg Reader Pro is the advanced viewer for managing your .msg and .pst files. Whether you have a directory with 1 or 100,000 Outlook .msg files, or several .pst files, Msg Reader Pro lets you view, search and export those files.

With Msg Reader Pro, you can open the .msg file, extract file attachments, search the message, select copy messages, browse them in an Outlook-like interface, and export to various formats.

Msg Reader Pro may be optionally installed as the default .msg file handler. Once installed, you can access the .msg file by simply clicking on it. It will open in Msg Reader Pro.

Special command line switches are available for administrators who need to silently install Msg Reader Pro, or who want to customize the GUI by removing certain features.

Msg Reader can display messages that are formatted in text, html, or Rich Text format, and can even display ole embedded graphics.

Extract file attachments or images from your email messages.

Search your messages for text strings, and then copy those are of interest to a different folder.

Extract or Open File Attachments from the .MSG File

Msg Reader Pro makes it easy to access file attachments in .msg files. By clicking on the attachment in Msg Reader, users can either run the attachment in its native application (i/e open a .zip file in WinZip, or .pdf file in Adobe Reader), or they can extract the file to a directory of their choice.

The "Message" tab shows you the email message, rendering full html or RTF detail, so you see how it appeared in the email client.

Msg Reader Pro provides access to the internet header information.

Search Your .MSG Files

Msg Reader Pro lets you search a directory of .msg files, and then easily browse the files that meet your search criteria.

Msg Reader - .Msg Reader Search Messages

Custom Development and Redistribution License

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Download .MSG Reader

Download MSG Reader Software

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Msg Reader requires Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, .NET Framework 3.5 or later, 1 GB RAM, 1 GB processor and 90 MB disk space.

Msg Reader Pro

Msg Reader download. Free trial software
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  • Read .msg files, even if formatted as Outlook notes,calendar items, tasks, contacts
  • Export Outlook .pst files to .msg files without Outlook
  • Open and search Outlook .pst files
  • Render OLE embedded objects
  • Renders Rich Text, HTML or Text
  • View .eml (RFC-822) emails
  • Export file attachments to different formats
  • Search email fields including message content, From, To, CC, Subject, Header, Date Range
  • Reads Messages stored in lower directories
  • Forward and Reply to messages using your email client
  • Display MAPI properties
  • Display Internet header
  • Batch export emails
  • Auto-extract file attachments to folders
  • Outlook is not required for Msg Viewer to perform it's functions
  • Copy emails to a specific folder
  • Export emails to PDF, EML, TXT, JPG, TIF, CSV, PNG, BMP
  • Favorites list
  • Set as default for .msg or .eml or .pst files
  • Command line options support silent installation
  • Print emails from commandline
  • Convert from commandline (msg/eml to PDF or other formats)
  • Configurable user interface
  • Apply a specific naming scheme to exported emails
  • View in text mode as default
  • Multiple Language Menu Support (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, English, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese traditional and simplified, Hindi, Arabic, Filipino)
  • Site licenses, White Boxing, Special Licensing and Product Customization available.

Msg Reader Lite

Msg Reader Lite download
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  • Open .msg email files without Outlook
  • Open .eml files
  • View winmail.dat files
  • Export email file attachments
  • Print emails
  • Renders Rich Text, HTML or Text
  • Set as default for .msg and .eml
  • Very intuitive and easy to use
  • Silent installation from command line
  • Site licenses, White Boxing, Special Licensing and Product Customization available.

Convert .msg, .pst or .eml files to .pdf

Msg Reader Pro lets you convert one, or tens of thousands of .msg or .eml email messages directly to PDF in a single operation. It also can convert email in Pst files to Pdf format.

  1. Select the email message you want to convert
  2. Click the "Export" button
  3. Select the export format (PDF, TXT, JGP, BMP, GIF, TIF, etc)
  4. Configure the naming scheme. Msg Reader Pro supports bates stamp" style naming
  5. Configure the miscellaneous criteria, such as how to handle file attachments, whether the file name should be included in the exported document.
  6. Begin your export

Here is a short video that demonstrates exporting .msg files to PDF using Msg Reader Pro:

The length of time required to complete the export will depend upon the number of email files selected, the graphic format chosen, and the type of email documents (html formatted emails with hosted graphics take longer to render than text formatted emails).

If you have Microsoft Outlook innstalled, a product called MessageExport may work well for you to convert Outlook emails.

Msg Reader is regularly tested on export batches of 50,000 emails..


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